Dr. Kate Sotejeff-Wilson

From the project brief

My gut feeling is to keep foundintranslation.me  as a separate blog (I love it, it has its own audience, but […] it doesn’t show everything I can do) and start fresh. I need to rewrite the whole copy and get it re-translated.

Graphics? Not sure, depends on total cost – what would you advise? I will want to redo business cards to match the new site but I’ve managed without a logo as such till now.

Hover the image to scroll or visit www.kswtranslations.com.


Kate was looking to create a new online presence for her business to showcase both the academic and medical aspects of her work. She said while German to English is a fairly standard combo in these areas, Polish into native English is fairly rare, Finnish into native English is even rarer. Especially for translations in the medical sector. She wanted to emphasize this on her new website.

We decided to focus on testimonials from her many interesting clients because Kate really enjoys “midwifing” people’s texts into being. One of her favorite recent projects was a book where she edited some chapters and translated others, outsourcing the transcription from Russian to someone else and working with the editor to make the whole thing consistent.

That said, I suggested not to deliver a website ready-made, but to help her put together the content. Since Kate is a really versed writer, I didn’t really have to do much here but compliment her on her ideas. My job was then to take that content to the pixels. We discussed images, colors, sections, and more. The result is www.kswtranslations.com, a website that is compact enough to keep visitors on board, and yet informative enough to deliver great SEO results. In 4 languages!

In the end, I also designed her new business cards and as part of the hosting package, I am maintaining Kate’s website to ensure it’s always up to date, safe, and up to par with search engine requirements.

Budget: < €1,000.00

(Project timeline: 3 months)

Upon completion, this is what Kate wrote on LinkedIn

Tanya was a pleasure to work with. She was very responsive, ran with my good ideas and had the sensitivity to suggest alternatives to my less good ones. She was flexible and patient in delivering a project in four languages, with frequent updates to the text. I am delighted with the results!