Bohemian Copy, s. r. o.

From the project brief

We want a brand with a website to go along with it that targets clients in the luxury sector, high-end labels, and lifestyle brands. Something that’s different in its look and feel and sets us apart from other Czech language providers. We want a one-page internet presence that attracts direct clients, more precisely decisionmakers in marketing and branding.

Hover the image to scroll or visit www.bohemiancopy.com.


Zbyněk Táborský and Pavel Janoušek decided to take the next step on their entrepreneurial journey and founded an s. r. o. in January 2018. With a very clear idea of the “feel” of their new company, we dived into creating a brand image that would make them stand out. The newly designed logo stands for heritage and elegance and portraits the love for all things Bohemian.

In combination with the typical Czech colors red and blue, and a prestigious font, I believe we quite well captured the essence of their vision.

The website itself is designed to be 100% responsive, whereas parts of it have a completely different setup for the tablet and mobile versions. The desktop version relies on imagery and the interplay of creative copy, colors, and graphical elements. The mobile view, on the other hand, provides a reader view and is easy on data consumption.

A preliminary Czech language version has been set up and the entire website is prepared to be translated into other languages, should they become necessary.

In addition, I set up the social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and designed the business cards, letterhead, and email signatures.

Budget: < €5,000.00

(Project timeline: 6 months)

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